The Craic Irish Bar

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The Craic Irish Bar
84 Riccarton Rd, Riccarton
Christchurch 8011
New Zealand

Directions: Click here for directions

CSC: Christchurch CSC

Shows Celtic games live on TV

Telephone: 64 3 343 4657


3 responses to “The Craic Irish Bar”

  1. I remember the conversation I had when we discussed setting up the CSC! I was working at Telstraclear and Alex was complaining to a colleague who couldn’t understand his accent so he put him through to me, we got talking and arranged the inaugural meeting in the RAT (Rose and Thislte) in Papanui!
    We then tried to watch a few games live, with very limited success, but had a great time with all the bhoys!! It then grew arms and legs and before you knew it we had a full pub of about 40/50 Celtic Fans down on a Sunday watching the replays, great times!!

    • That’s right ! It was me, you, and Sean, and Keith, and another guy who was actually a Aberdeen supporter canny remember hiis name. Hail Hail John.

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