History of Celticbars


Celticbars logo created by Chris McComb of Henriks Tongue in 2001
Celticbars logo created by Chris McComb of Henriks Tongue in 2001

Celticbars was started in July 2001 & has been guiding Celtic fans where to watch the Hoops and meet fellow supporters from far and wide since then. I have had fantastic support at that time and look forward to many more years to come.

This site would be nothing without the feedback that I receive. It is appreciated when people take the time to inform me of changes. I am aware that the site is not perfect, but it is to be used as a guide to give us a fighting chance to find somewhere. Don’t expect miracles in far-flung places. Please don’t just send me a list of Irish Bars unless they have a local Celtic FC connection.

I am also aware that the bars are not used exclusively by Celtic fans, but fans from other teams. If any landlord doesn't want to be associated with the greatest team in the world, email me and I will take it off.

The idea of the site came about after years of trying to find suitable places to watch Celtic games when I worked and travelled the world on a supply ship. In those days we were stuck with 18:05 kick offs and usually managed to see games in bars like Yates' with no other fans. It done a job but we were then told Plymouth CSC watched games in a bar we had never heard of. Next game we went there and saw a packed out bar with Celtic fans. It was a fantastic sight. Next day we spoke about how great that day was and that there must be bars like this all over the world if only we knew where they were.

The Internet was all new to me so when I tried to find a list of places, I couldn't find any. The idea came into my head to try and start a website myself. One slight problem was that I didn't know where to start as I had no computer skills (and still don't). I bought a book about Microsoft Frontpage which was an idiots guide to starting websites. I soon picked up the basics and eventually started one. With the help of my brother Jim and mate Mash, we soon spread the word with home made business cards which we would hand out prior to games and in the bars around the stadium. It soon caught on and the site hasn't looked back since then. I hope this site is a help to you. Hail Hail

First ever post on Celticbars 2nd July 2001

In memory of my dad - Harry McIntyre.

Some of the Celticbars banners throughout the years