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      Total No of bars 575
      No of countries 55
      No of active CSC's 450
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      South Carolina CSC

      This is a new CSC who are looking at getting their club established. They are currently looking at a permanent bar to base themselves. If…

      Post lockdown bars

      Whilst current restrictions are in place, check first that the bar you intend to go to has a beer garden and option to show the…

      New Celtic bar opening.

      Cesars Bar, 800 Old Edinburgh Road, Bellshill, ML4 3JG will be opening soon. It’s the old Kapo’s between Bellshill and Viewpark. Good luck with this…

      Latest bar added to Celticbars

      Whiskey Bent Saloon, 306 TN-24 Nashville is the home of Nashville CSC. This takes us to a total of 27 CSC’s in North America.

      Temporary bar change- Brisbane CSC

      For the Celtic v Rangers game on Sunday 21st March 2021, Brisbane CSC will be watching the game in The Lord Alfred 68 Petrie Terrace,…

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