Astra Stube

Nearest Underground Hermannplatz 8 mins walk.

Home of the Berlin Buckfast Crew.

*Please note that this bar is cash only*

3.5/5 (51 Reviews)
Astra Stube
Weichselstraße 63, Nuekoln
Berlin 12043

Directions: Click here for directions

CSC: Berlin Buckfast Crew CSC

Shows Celtic games live on TV

Telephone: 49 30 22365936


17 responses to “Astra Stube”

  1. Hi, like Brian Donnelly, I’m also wondering if you’ll be showing the Celtic v Sevco game on 1st May? Kick off 12pm so 1pm your time.
    There’s 10 of us over in Berlin that weekend and looking for a good spot to watch the game and enjoy some beers.
    Cheers Mick

      • Hi Davy, thanks for the reply. My concern is that the opening times for the pub shows they don’t open until 230pm or 3pm on a Sunday but game kicks off at 1pm.
        Looking for confirmation that they will be open for kick off.

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